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Why Not Now? Forward by Rodney R. Clifton

WHY NOT NOW? Why wait until later or tomorrow to start manifesting the things that God placed you on this universe to do? Why wait at all? In today’s society, it is easy for one to procrastinate. Procrastination is a disease that is eating up the ideas and the souls of the dreaming human being. When an individual has a great idea and wants to move on that idea, it is procrastination’s job to eat that idea alive until it vanishes in thin air; not that it wants too, but it has too in order to stay alive.

The human brain is wired and designed to be comfortable and the second that you make an uncomfortable decision in your life. Boom! Procrastination comes knocking at your door to get you back on the right path, the path of comfortability. Don’t get me wrong, living in a comfortable space isn’t a bad thing at all for the individuals who are content with where they are in life.

Rule Number 1: Never allow yourself to be content with your current situation(s). Continue to spread your wings and reach higher altitudes.

In order to reach the highest of the highest altitudes in your life, you must place yourself in uncomfortable situations. It’s not going to be an easy transition to get use too; in fact, it’ll be one of the toughest things to ever endure because you have to be a different beast in order to jump out on faith without knowing the exact outcome. STOP PROCRASTINATING AND JUST JUMP.

“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” Charles Dickens

Time is so valuable, and it is something that we can never get back. Time is universal, and we know that it stands still for no one. Every second counts and every second represents the past, present, and future. What are you doing with the seconds in your life? What are you doing at all to get to the next dimension in your life?

I met Khirie on the Campus of Alabama A&M University, but we didn’t really hit it off until the summer of 2017. We had a few encounters while on campus but nothing too serious. When I finally got to really know who Khirie was at the core of his being, I knew that he was on the journey of seeking growth. We talked about so much that day and he even talked about writing this very book. At first, I thought that it was all talk, but as he continued to speak, I saw the fire and passion in his eyes as each word rolled off the tip of his tongue. Khirie is a true example of a fighter, leader, mentor and a person who can turn oil into water (literally). He spoke this book into existence and nothing held him back from birthing his baby out into the world; not even procrastination. NOW we have the opportunity to see the beautiful piece that he and Melody crafted together. I enjoyed reading this book and I know that you will share the same experience.

Welcome to the written journey of WHY NOT NOW?

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