Let's Create!

           Lets Create is a fundraiser crafted by Creative Minds with the intent to give the youth a FREE creative space to set goals and design positive lives focused around dreams and ambitions. Let's Create is originally based in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, which is often associated with the Indy 500, Colts, and the Indiana Pacers. Outside of these entities Indianapolis doesn’t always get a positive rap due to the annual crime rate within the city limits. From 2015-2018 there has been over 615 deaths due to violence.













2015 - 144 Deaths (Rank #28 murder capitals in USA)

2016 - 156 Deaths  (Ranked #12 bloodies cities (CBS News))

2017 - 156 Deaths

2018 - 159 Deaths


With the right resources Creative Minds feels that we can assist the community in redirecting those negative statistics by using that energy on something more productive.


Part two of the book “Why Not Now?”  mentions a concept called “return on energy.” This idea emphasizes the fact that whatever way an individual chooses to use their energy, that is the area in their life where energy will be returned to them. You reap what you sow, similar to the Law of Karma, exemplifies that if you choose to expend your energy on resources and opportunities that don’t contribute to your spiritual, mental, or physical growth then you will not experience growth in those areas.


LET’S CREATE allows the opportunity for lives to be changed by providing resources to all who desire more.This program is 100% free to all who participate. It provides a space and several resources for the youth of Indianapolis to create a clear vision for their future. They will be able to listen as well as interact with professionals who inspire and shed light on what it takes to achieve success. Whether one holds an interest in STEM, Art, or Entrepreneurship, Creative Minds offers the opportunity to design & attend a space to network, set goals for the future, and acts as an accountability partner for its participants to ensure they succeed in whatever field they choose. Exposure to higher levels of experiences allows for those well educated and miseducated to gain more knowledge about the world.This judgment free zone is welcome to all students from 4th to 12th grade. Regardless of where an individual is starting from, the goal of Creative Minds is to help move them forward. With the right resources Creative Minds will provide more for the world and grow as an organization. Our goal is to ensure that it plays a role in redirecting energy into more positive aspects and impacting lives while decreasing death rates.


Founders Khirie Williams and Melody Aron are donating 50% of the proceeds from their hard copy of, “Why Not Now?” to contribute to LET’S CREATE. To assist Creative Minds, the LET’S CREATE fundraiser is challenging you to donate $100. A physical copy of the book will be included with each individual $100 donation.

If you would like to personalize your contribution specifically to Creative Minds click the link below labeled Personalize Creation for more details.


Thank you in advance to our donors, your contribution equips Creative Minds with the necessary resources to inspire a community.

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