Creative Minds was started in March of 2019 with the intention of helping people develop their dreams into reality. The three focuses we believe will help those dreams manifest are VISION, BELIEF, and the action to CREATE. We stand firm on those three focuses because, 


“Seeing is believing , and believing leads to creating !’’ 


Khirie Jamal Williams Sr.

 Khirie Jamal Williams Sr. is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He studied business at Alabama A&M University, and he believes the most impactful business to invest in has always been the people business. He narrowed his life direction down to two things, INSPIRATION and SERVICE towards humanity.  He believes that all dreams are possible and will last forever, especially when the focus is making sure it serves humanity so future generations are eternally inspired.





Melody Aron

Melody Aron is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended UNLV majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Health. As early as she can remember, Melody has had a strong desire to help those in need across all aspects of life and decided to dedicate her life to doing so. She believes that one of the greatest things about living a life is the ability to reinvent oneself, and change the narrative of ones purpose in being at any moment in time. Melody aspires to inspire others to follow their passions while rediscovering that their VISION of the future is CREATED by their BELIEF in possibilities unknown.